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When I was five years old, my teacher told my mother that my drawings were primitive - a thought that my mother, for whatever reason, chose to pass on to me. The explanation of what the word meant, coupled with my childlike sadness, made me believe that I was incapable of learning to draw. So, for several years, I carried around the idea that I wasn’t an artist, and drove myself to near-frustration upon seeing the works of art created by my peers. “I wish I could draw!” I would think. “But I can’t!”

Fast forward to 2018, and my decision to tag along with a friend to the book signing event for gifted watercolor expressionist Mari Andrew. I had not paid much attention to her technique prior to this event, but upon hearing her story of just picking up watercolors and trying out a few illustrations, and then eyeing the fact that she was able to produce simple, direct, and beautiful illustrations as a self-taught artist, made me realize that if she could do it so could I.

The following weekend, I did just as Mari did, and picked up a simple watercolor palette, a pencil, and a sharpie to outline my art. And I haven’t looked back since!


Tapping into my background in broadcast news, I created the podcast "In Which I Talk To Artists" in late 2018 as a way to connect with visual artists around the country about their work and process. What inspires them, how they keep going, their thoughts on creativity, and more.  If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, know of an artist that I should interview, or just want to share a comment or idea, send me an email!